Abbie Pobjoy, also known as AP,  is a writer, director and documentary-maker from Melbourne, Australia.


With a strong sense to unleash the female and queer experience on screen, Abbie’s work focusses on interior lives from outnumbered perspectives. 


Her work has been recognised by RUUSH Magazine, Stronger Than Fiction and Global Citizen and was recently nominated for BBFF’s ‘Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year.’


She is currently in post production for her first television documentary entitled ‘Why Did She Have To Tell The World?’ being Executive Produced by Sue Maslin and is the Script Coordinator for the new ABC Comedy Show ‘Retrograde’, being written by Meg O’Connell and Anna Barnes.


Abbie also currently works as apart of the team at The Post Lounge and inside the development stream at Orange Entertainment Co.

Drop her a line using the email below.



P: +61 410 624 579